Preparation For Poker Success


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Lectures: 1
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Languages: English
Includes: Identify best poker formats | Find best poker rooms | Get crucial tools



This video will cover

  • How to identify your strengths;
  • How to choose the best format based on your goals;
  • How to find best poker rooms for your specific games;
  • How to maximize your win rate and tricks to increase it;
  • How to identify the most useful poker tools;
  • How to take advantage of your opponents by using it the right way!

This course will help you prepare for your games by starting in the right way. I will show you how to avoid biggest mistakes and choose the best poker format based on your needs and goals in life.

Then, you will learn how to choose the best room for that specific game, because this is an overlooked factor, which can drastically increase your win rate.

On top of that, we will go over necessary poker tools that you should have to gain an edge over your opponents. Thus, after this course, you will be ready to jump to the tables with the full force!

Preparation courses:


Learn to identify your strengths, find the best poker formats for your needs and get all the tools that you need!

Do I have to stick with just one format?

Yes and no. It is crucial that you concentrate on learning and playing one format as your main game, but you obviously can other formats for fun. It will help you to learn and improve much faster and have far better results than otherwise.

How important is to choose right poker room?

It is essential! Choosing the best site based on your specific game can even double your win rate, so make sure to take this step seriously.

Do I need to use any software while playing?

Absolutely! If you are playing online, it is a must. Otherwise, you will be missing a lot of valuable information and falling behind your opponents.



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