Poker Foundations For Success


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Lectures: 1
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Languages: English
Includes: Master Mental Game | Learn Advanced GTO Strategies | Create The Plan For Success



This video will cover:

  • How to prepare for your games;
  • How to increase concentration and keep “A” game;
  • How to identify and reduce tilting;
  • How to apply advanced GTO strategies;
  • How and when to use exploitative play to fain max value;
  • How to make a specific plan for your success!

This course will help you build strong foundations going into the games! We will start my mastering core principles to increase your concentration and reduce tilting. This will massively help to play your “A” game more often and make better decisions.

Then we will cover advanced strategies for GTO implementation, something that many players miss and I will show you how to get the most value in your game combining both, GTO and exploitative strategies.

Foundation courses:


Learn to prepare for your games, avoid tilting and control your mental state for maximum concentration in your games. Master advanced GTO implementation and much more! 

Why do I need to prepare for the games?

It helps to keep your concentration much longer and ensures that you make much better decisions. Therefore, learning how to spend few minutes before your session can give you astonishing results.

Is it possible to get rid of tilting?

It is possible, but it will take quite some practice to get away from it. However, in this course, you will get few tips how to make this process much faster and reduce tilting on the go.

Is GTO strategy better than exploitative play?

It is precisely the question I will answer in the course. To tell you in short, neither are better and to reach best results you need to combine both.



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