Personal coaching 10 sessions + FREE Leak Finder


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Packages are the best way to learn poker strategy and improve your game. With this 10 poker coaching sessions, you will be getting a FREE leak finder video. This is how it works:

  • You buy 10 private poker sessions package
  • In addition to this, you are getting Leak Finder video review of your game as a bonus!
  • Make 30-40 minutes video of screen recording while you play
  • Record your game playing 4-regular tables or 2 fast poker tables (zoom, fast forward and so on)
  • Make sure that tables would not be overlapping or keep that to a minimum
  • You can make few recordings and send one where you had most difficult spots – it will highlight your potential mistakes better
  • You can record the screen using any program, but if you are not sure how to do that you can use Camtasia, it has a free trial
  • Convert your recording to a video file that I would be able to play it
  • Send that video to me using WeTransfer to my email [email protected]

I will make a review of your play, most of the time in 1-2 working days. Then:

  • I will highlight your potential leaks
  • Make a plan how to fix it
  • Send you back the video for review
  • Contact you to schedule our sessions
  • We start working and improving your game!

 Knowing what you are doing wrong is the first step in fixing it, so let’s do that together. This will help you to learn poker strategy, improve your game and fix biggest poker leaks that you have.