MTT Preflop Strategy Master


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Lectures: 2
Video: 2 h 22 min
Skill Level: All
Languages: English
Includes: All MTT Preflop Ranges | Explanation of needed adjustments | How to put opponent on a range



These videos will cover

  • How to choose your opening hands from different positions;
  • How to play when you are deep and what adjustments to make later;
  • How to change those ranges vs. different players;
  • How to decide when to defend vs 3bet by calling or 4betting;
  • And how to build those defending ranges;
  • How to build an optimal strategy for later stages when you start open shoving;
  • How to get the most of 3-bet shoving and how to find good spots for it;
  • How to build the most effective BB defense strategy in MTT’s;
  • How to build SB limping range that just crushes your opponents and much more!

Course Description

You will learn every single aspect of MTT preflop strategy. We will start by teaching optimal opening ranges and how to adjust that when stacks get shallower later in the tournament. Moreover, you will learn how to change these ranges vs. different players and it will give you a complete understanding of this spot!

After this, we will analyze how to defend from the blinds like all the best players do, how and when to build 3betting ranges or to trap. As well, we explain how to defend facing a 3bet, when to call or 4bet and how to make that decision based on your opponent. After delivering the theory, Mike will go over his Hand Histories explaining how he thinks and teaching you how to identify your opponent’s range in the most efficient way.

Lastly, you will get a look from inside how winning players build their open shoving or 3bet jamming ranges and can take all of this information to your game at once!

This is easily the best investment you can make to your MTT game so take this chance to learn more and stay ahead of your competition! A complete guide MTT preflop strategy to help you is here!

Will it help to improve my game if I am a winning player already?

Absolutely YES! All the strategies and methods explained here is used by the best MTT players, so no matter are you just starting out or already have played quite a bit, it will surely help to improve your game!

Is this strategy is effective just in lower buy-in tournaments?

No! This is the same strategy that Mike uses to crush all his games up to high-rollers so it could be used in any game from very low to reasonably high stakes!

Do I need any software to take this course?

You don’t. All ranges will be built using a free program – Equilab and recorded for you to review at any stage later on.

Will you cover how to play short stacks?

Absolutely! We start by developing ranges for deep play and take you all the way by adjusting it for later stages!

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