My Poker Coaching Live Games Master Class


Probably the best advanced poker training program for live poker games! Master advanced strategies, learn to read your opponents and make crucial adjustments to crush your games!



Rather than consuming random content and trying to learn strategies that do not fit together into one picture, you can take your game to the next level with complete poker training program – My Poker Coaching Live Poker Master Class! I will show you to prepare for your games, lay strong foundations, learn to read your opponents and make crucial adjustments so that you would not waste any time and could start beating your live poker games at once! You will get everything in one place:

  • Complete poker training program
  • Clear step-by-step guide
  • A structured approach to learning and playing
  • Advanced poker training video courses
  • Essential preflop strategies
  • Real poker tells pits
  • Structured strategy for adjusting you approach in live poker games

One clear path to success! Learn how crush live poker games in less than 60 days without wasting your time and money!

Advanced poker training courses online:


Preflop courses:

preflop strategy MTT preflop master 2018

Postflop courses:

C-betting and Barreling Guide Big blind strategy 3 bet pots post flop

Bluffing and bluff catching video course

Live Poker Games essentials:

Read your opponents crushing live poker vital adjustments

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