Printing Money From The Big Blind – Advanced Course


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Lectures: 2
Video: 1 h 30 min
Skill Level: All
Languages: English
Includes: Strategy against C-bets | Strategy vs missed C-bets



These videos will cover:

  • How you should play from the BB post flop;
  • What hands you should defend facing a C-bet;
  • When you should be x/r raising;
  • How to balance your calling range;
  • How to play when your opponents do not C-bet;
  • When it is good to bet aggressively in these spots;
  • When to barrel just one and when betting twice is better;
  • What sizings you should be using in different spots!

This course is packed with a ton of useful information and tips. When you defend wide ranges from the BB you need to know how to play it correctly post flop as well. If you just fold when you miss you going to be losing a lot more than you should. So adopting aggressive x/r strategy and floating some good hands should be in your arsenal.

In order to understand when you should be implementing aggressive and when more passive strategy you should study quite a bit. In different spots, different strategies are not equally effective and I will explain when to use which one and how to maximize your win rate!

Furthermore, playing against missed C-bets is quite tricky since you really need to understand when it is correct to barrel, how many streets you should bet and what sizings you should use since that is changing in different areas as well.

All this stuff is explained in this course taking step by step approach, you will clear this out once and for all and start crushing your opponents more than you can imagine! So if you want to improve your game, start crushing your competition and maximizing your EV by learning to play correctly one of the most important areas this course is a must-have! Take it today and start winning tomorrow!

Do I need to be check/raising aggressively on all boards?

Absolutely not. Some boards very bad for it and adopting such strategy would yield you negative results. We will concentrate on when you should be doing this and how to identify these spots.

Why I need different bet sizing when betting against missed c-bets?

Different sizes help to achieve different results, so it is very important to understand how to manipulate your opponent using this and how to implement it in your game.

Should I always try to balance my ranges?

Most of the time, yes, but there are some exceptions when playing against weak players that we will cover as well.


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