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Learn how to read your opponents, and understand behavior, timing and verbal tells to make better decisions every time when you play!


Rather than consuming random content and trying to learn strategies that do not fit together into one picture, you can take your game to the next level with complete poker training program – My Poker Coaching Formula for Success! I will show you to prepare for your games, lay strong foundations and master the strategy part so that you would not waste any time and could start beating your games! You will get everything in one place:

preflop strategy


Master advanced preflop strategies for Cash Games, learn how to be unbeatable and make most money exploiting players in every possible situation!

Value: 197€

mtt preflop strategy small


Learn advanced preflop strategies for MTTs, understand how to change your ranges when stacks get shorter and how to use blockers to the fullest!

Value: 497€

c-betting strategy small


Learn how to group hands into different groups and understand when to c-bet and barrel in every possible situation and how to make more money by checking!

Value: 197€

big blind strategy small


Learn how to crush your competition by adopting a very aggressive big blind strategy, and start printing money from this position by forcing opponents to make mistakes!

Value: 197€

3-bet strategy postflop small


Learn how to exploit other players in 3-bet pots after calling preflop and understand how and when you could put pressure on your opponents by raising or floating wide!

Value: 197€

bluffing and bluff catching strategy


Identify the most profitable bluffing and bluff-catching spots and master crucial topics, such as blockers, sizing, counting combinations and much more!

Value: 197€

read poker tells like a pro small


Learn how to read your opponents, and understand behavior, timing and verbal tells to make better decisions every time when you play!

Value: 297€

crush live poker vital adjustments small


Learn how to adjust your bet sizing when playing live, how to counter multiway pots and what exploitative strategies you should be using to win even more money!

Value: 297€

Total value: 2076€

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2076€ ONLY 397€

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You will always know

the next step you should be taking, with world-class poker training!


Master advanced Preflop and Postflop strategies to use as your starting point!


Learn to read your opponents and understand how to use poker tells in practice!


Understand differences in live games and make vital adjustments for bet sizing, multiway pots, and exploitative plays!

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Kaivon Hakimi review

Kaivon Hakimi

WSOP Circuit Winner

I have nothing but good things to say about my coaching experiences with Tadas from He gives you a solid, balanced game plan to work with, and then shows how to exploit your opponents to the max based on your particular games/opponent tendencies. I would recommend him to almost anyone looking to improve his game!

you can learn poker
you can learn poker

You can totally do this

(Yes I mean you!). This is the most comprehensive and step-by-step poker training program for learning how to crush live poker games and have consistent results. If you’ve got the passion, we have the path!

Only a few spots left in this SALE!

you can learn poker
my poker coaching player development roadmap

Take the best learning route for your exact situation!

// Identify where you are

// Make a plan how to improve

// Enjoy constant success and extra income


What if I am not good enough to win?

You are almost guaranteed to start winning after these courses no matter what is your level right now.

I used to wonder how other players win thousands or millions until I meat my first coach and he showed me what to do. Soon after realizing the most critical factors of the game and fixing only 5 main things, I started winning myself, which let me to visiting WSOP in Las Vegas, and many huge EPT stops in the same year.

If I being a lazy student was able to do that, you can easily model my success. Moreover, know I am giving you all the information ready at your fingertips, and you can start improving your game today!

Can I adopt same strategies as playing online?

If you want to reach good results in live games, then you have to adjust your strategy.

First of all, you have to learn how to exploit your opponents because they will be making more mistakes in general and you have to attack those mistakes in the right way.

On top of that, you have a chance to improve your decision making by learning to read your opponents and understanding how poker tells works in practice. These adjustments will help you crush live poker games and give an additional edge compared to simply sticking with the same strategy as online.

What are the biggest different in online and live poker games?

You have much more information available in live games. You can see how your opponents act, how much time they take to make a decision and even listen to their voice. All of this helps you understand the strength of his hand and make better decisions.

Moreover, if you want to crush live poker, you have to learn how to play multiway pots, how to adjust your bet sizing and what exploitative strategies to implement in your game. This course will teach you exactly that.

Do I have to go full time to crush live poker?

Many players think that either you play as a PRO or you just cannot win. However, this is as far from the truth as it could possibly be. Most of my students are playing part-time after the school or day job that they have and they just love it. It is just a hobby that can help you make a lot of money and have a great time if you follow your passion.

It is true that they often end up making more money from poker than in their full-time job, but you will never need to quit one if you do not want. Contrary, you have an advantage over professional players because you do not feel so much pressure and can concentrate on what is the most important part instead. Take the first step and start crushing the games today!

Can i build winning strategies from courses? Isn’t this very individual approach to every situation?

I thought so as well, but after playing and teaching for many years, I realized that there is an obvious pattern for all successful players and all of them have a structure that can easily be learned.

It is true that you will not be the best player while playing only from charts, so you need to learn how to adjust your strategies versus different players to exploit them. However, to learn it, you MUST understand how balanced ranges look to identify mistakes in your opponents play and only then, you can adjust your strategy and take your game to the next level.

Thus, if you want to learn that, you are in the right place, and I can surely help you!

Will learning this strategy take a lot of time?

If you try to do everything on your own it will take time. I literally spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working with different solvers, analyzing ranges, building best strategies and going over millions of hands to figure out population tendencies. Moreover, there are thousands of different spots you need to analyze so it will take a lot of time to do everything yourself.

However, I already did all of this so that you do not need to waste your time. Thus, if you join my advanced courses, you will learn all of the essential strategies in a month, while it took me almost two years to master it. So as you see – joining these courses will save you a lot of time and is a no-brainer!

Isn’t games already too tough to beat?

I hear this one a lot. If games are unbeatable, how come there are so many winning players? How most of my students start making more money then they thought they can?

I used to think that it is impossible to win, competition is too good and so on. But when you have up to date information you can easily gain an edge over your opponents and we are going to do that.

Will you be selling these courses at a discounted price?

NO, I will never do that. I am using pioSolver, which cost more than $1000 just for the license and a monthly maintaining fee for servers. Moreover, I am using quite a few other paid apps to analyse databases and find best solutions which I deliver to you.  Not even taking into consideration the time, which you would spend trying to learn all of this yourself, this is one of the best investment you can make into your poker career and compared to the value that you get – it is extremely cheap.

Hopefully, you can see why people pay the full price for these courses and never regretted it. To be honest, I do not have any single complaint and only positive feedback from my students because most of them improved their game and started earning much more money.

This is not a cost, just a pure investment that will pay for itself in no-time!

Will I get lifetime access?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all materials so you can access it whenever you want and as many times as you like.


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